Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ms. App Plays Games

Oh yes I do! The demographics of who plays games is a fascinating subject in and of itself. Books have been written on why we play them. Like the great book," Reality is Broken" written by one of the most engaging intellectuals I've ever heard speak, Jane McGonigal. Read that book for the smart answer.I know this sounds like an excuse - but I tell myself play games on my iphone when I want to think. So I'm not wasting time - I'm thinking! Really. The games can't be too difficult because I also want to end up on a leaderboard somewhere. When I'm in thinking mode, I'm not so crazy about interacting with a thousand other people from all over the word - which can be fun and interesting sometimes, I admit, but I've broken these down into two categories. The first few simple game apps listed are ones where I don't find many players interacting with me. The ones further down the list are made for guilds and teamwork and socializing.

Solitaire by Mobile Ware: Yup, the perfect leisurely game to play by yourself. Nope. Not leisurely. This is the timed version. Hand it off to a teen if you want to be awed and amazed at how fast someone can actually play solitaire. I sometimes try to emulate that speed but a lot of times I spend on strategizing and making myself slow down. I rarely play against another player, which is an option through the Game Center on my iPhone, because  it makes me nervous and I mess up.  Ooh the tension! lol. My hands start to shake. So I play it slow and, yes, I think.

Gems With Friends: I love this game too much. Today I am number 3 on the weekly leaderboard and now have won 80% of the time today. It's great because the games are timed so you only play 2 minutes at a time against on other player for three rounds. Of course if you play 10 games in a row you say "Holy Crap! I've just wasted 20 minutes!" Nope, chances are you were thinking because the concept of lining up three gems of the same color is so simple. No other player has ever has bothered to say anything to me, so I appreciate that, while in thinking mode. Look for my name, "Wow! I". I chose that name so that when I beat you, you get the message "Wow! I Beat You" Satisfyingly sophomoric if I win and kind of amusingly stupid if I lose. More reason to win!!

Matching With Friends: Not timed but similar idea with matching tiles in groups of threes. There are strategies to learn, which is easy to do because you are allowed to observe other players moves. Other players only leave messages if they want to "Nudge" you back into the game or say "Wow, good move!" One HUGE amusement for my simple mind is the fact that some genius created songs that you can play simply by tapping unused tiles on the board. "What is that song?" you will ask as you are playing tiles as well as you have ever played the piano. Oh look for "Wow! I" here also. But be warned that I win 90% of the time.

Big Fish Casino: I am always broke here but that doesn't stop me! Lots of new interesting games to try. Free chips every day. Recently, I saved my free chips for days and played wisely and grew it into millions!!! MUHAHAHA!!! Then, of course I lost it in a burst of optimism. Still very fun although maybe I don't think much while playing this game except about being greedy. Players do interact, but if you are quiet and don't post an obnoxious picture, people generally are just very polite.

Kingdoms at War: A very immersive RPG game to play on a phone. You join guilds, level up by participating in wars or stealing from other guilds. There's world chat, clan chat, allies chat. You can literally chat with the people from all over the world while you are waiting to regen. (regenerate your power between acts of war!) You build up your kingdom and your own levels.  Really amazingly well done and was my fix for World of Warcraft. It can be time consuming and I was amazed at how meticulously people ran their guilds. Chat is monitored and some guilds may also use other social media to get to know each other but that may lead to too much familiarity and pettiness. (No, I don't want to admire pictures of you sitting on the lawn in your wedding dress or see the catch of the day from ice fishing adventures if I don't really know you. This may be sour grapes on my part though. Miss sitting-on-the-lawn-in-her-wedding-dress kicked me out of a guild for not leveling up fast enough) You can decide how immersed you want to be. Still, an admirably well done for a phone.

 Please be mindful of allowing apps to link to any other bits of social media you have. I almost unfriended a close relative on Facebook because I didn't think I could stand be invited to play her favorite game one more time.

Now you have it. Some ideas about what is out there.  Let me know what you're favorite game apps are. I am always looking for more!

Happy Gaming!