Saturday, March 16, 2013

Travel Apps!

In my recent excitement before traveling to Europe, I forgot to research and download new apps for each location. My bad!! Finding wifi isn't always easy while traveling and - well, you know the drill, logging onto airport and into hotel wifi can be tricky at best. By the time you've transported from the airport, check-in, put away your stuff, figured out how to use the safe you think you've lost half a day anyway. So DON'T DO WHAT I DID! Save time and hassle -download some great apps before your trip so you can be ready to use them.

Some wonderful examples of travel apps that I found after the fact, but enjoy immensely even now, include:

Positano Video Guide:  A really magnificent and charming app. Thank you, Chaira D'Amico, manager of the company "Workin'Video"that created this benchmark application. Not only is it visually beautiful (even the border color reminds me of the lemons that grow in that gorgeous town of Positano) but it contains such relevant information listed on the first page - history, walking tours, food, hotel, shopping etc. Some of the information is presented in video - other information is written in clear, interesting dialogue set against some spectacular photos. Honestly, read the food section just for a thrill. I now want to go back to visit some of the places I missed! This app seems to represent the pride people have in their wonderful corner of the world, as well as care in presenting it well to a potential visitor. I think I'd be interested in seeing anything created by this company. Very well done.

Go Riviera!: This app was just a lot of fun. Kimberley Lovato, the author and freelance travel writer, did a good job, I must say. Especially under "filter" it was possible to find easy to read explanations of what it was like to be in Cannes during their many festivals (besides the International Film Festival, who knew they even have an International Air Festival where they fly kites??), which beaches were which, and where the restaurants and casinos are. She even included tourist offices and hospitals under "helpful info". She also included a section for tourists to give added tips. Very thorough and could be much appreciated especially for those with children in tow. The photo section was not only in retrieving information. Well worth downloading and includes impressive amount of relevant inform in fresh way.

Lucerne Festival: This is so beautifully well done that the minute I saw it, I wanted to turn around and run back to Switzerland! It includes beautiful videos of local scenes scored with magnificent music.  It also includes short, compelling interviews from young international musicians, composers and conductors. Bravo for capturing the essence of this classical musical festival. Although I had no idea that this festival existed until viewing this app, finding it underscores my reasons for researching apps for any place that I'm even thinking of visiting.

There you have it - my best advice - check out your apps before packing your bags!  You can use these apps to plan trips, navigate while you are traveling and relive some great times afterwards. Great travels!