Monday, April 22, 2013

Ms App Runs

Ms Application Runs

Well, I recently ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Yes, it was incredibly, amazingly fun and touches your inner girly heart. You have to know that Disney does it right – and even over the top, magical. I have nothing to compare it to, because it was my first, but I suspect it may be benchmark for fun and magic. (Imagine fireworks being displayed as your group starts the race in early morning. Imagine running through the Magic Kingdom in your tutu and hearing gasps of amazement. You look into the alcove and see a handsome guy runner dressed as Prince Charming PROPOSING to a really lovely woman runner dressed as Snow White! See? – magical) My only disappointment was that this event doesn’t appear have it’s own app. I can be tenacious about finding the perfect app – so if anyone can tell me there is one for this event, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! OK, I’m calm now..
I have to admit I constantly use my favorite apps for training. They really keep me on track everyday, even when I want to veer off. In order of importance to me – here are my absolute favorites:
MyFitnessPal: To me it’s soo important now to get the right mix of fuel for my body so I can run. This app helps me keep track not only of how many calories I’m consuming but charts out the ratio of protein, fat and carbs for me as I go along. It also can scan a bar code. How easy is that?? I was impressed. It charts my progress but at least I know where I stand, month to month, week to week. It can also take into consideration the amount of extra calories I might need if I run a lot. Really helpful and easy to use and your friends can get involved (how motivating!!!) The only thing I didn’t see on this is the glycemic index for food, but right now I’m not complaining.
Endomondo: Love this app! It can verbally tell me the distance I’ve run, map out my route for me, give me my heart rate, and give me points. It also can track my running history and connect with my running friends. For me, I don’t feel I need an upgrade for to much more – I like to keep things simple.
Stretch Guru: Speaking of simple – this is great for when you really don’t want to stretch after a run. Because it’s cheerful and short and simple. It times out the stretch and has simple visuals. You can make it a little more involved if you wanted to customize your routine or chart your progress, but after a run, when visions of Epsom salts in a hot bath takes over my brain,this one is just right for me.
Chakra Pro: I understand the concepts of chakras somewhat but I’m not exactly sure why this works so well for me. It’s wonderful for meditation even if for 5 minutes a day. Soothing nature sounds and chimes customized for whichever chakra you want to sooth. A great balance to the stress of running. Try it once – you might become a believer like me.
These apps all work together to make me not only feel great but proud of myself! You might find that too! Happy health!!