Monday, February 4, 2013


Nothing causes such a stir of excitement within me as when I first learn that something or someone has an app! I'm not quite sure why or how this started, but I am excited to share some of my personal reviews. I have an iPhone so I may have pockets of ignorance on how apps perform on any other platform. I welcome any and all corrections and information you can give me. I've included games (a must have) and individual apps I've found that work for me. I  currently have so many apps that I rotate them according to need and update or add to them as new features become available.

Some of my new absolute favorites (forgive my enthusiasm - really... I get frequent directives from my daughter to "take this down a notch"):

JETPACK JOYRIDE! Woohoo - how fun is this?? The graphics are outstanding for that little guy and his jetpack and really fast. No matter that I stink at these games because I don't have that inherent quickness reserved for teenage gamers, I come back again and again because even if I am really awkward and slow - my score will seem pleasantly high and I will advance to a really cool next level. Sound effects are explosive and pleasing even when I get electrocuted - Wow - see how much I've already identified with little jetpack guy? - Hey nothing better than an app devoted to my own personal website page that I can create from there or my computer! And I have to admit, the one reason I got really excited about this page was that I can link to so many of my own personal social media sights. Its so convenient and offers a great, one stop visual option for people to see everything I am up to.

Walmart and Target and Wegmans - Good on you all!! I love store apps because it eliminates the guesswork for questions like "I wonder if Walmart has Japanese rice crackers?" Yes they do - and the helpful folks at Walmart have more to go on if I walk in there with knowing exactly what I am looking for. Also, this is wonderful for locating stores wherever I am or even ordering products online. I like the Target app best - it's visually pleasing because of their crisp, clean graphics and intuitive layout. Well done!

Some that have been my favorite for quite a while:

Word Lens: Oooooooh don't get me started on augmented reality. I am so enamored by this. I'm sensing googlization here for some of you - so be my guest if you need to stop and got to wikipedia. This app is such a practical use of augmented reality, which is, in my basic terms - real life aided by computers.

Get this - I open the app, point it at a sign or document in another language and IT TRANSLATES IT FOR ME, INSTANTLY!!  I envision myself as a veritable heroine when I go to Europe. I can see myself surrounded by bewildered Americans - say, lost in Italy! I proudly point this app at a lengthy, confusing sign and translate it for everyone. Crisis averted - now that we know where we are...murmurs of appreciation surround me. Better yet, I will be able to tell everyone at the table exactly what is on a menu in France and how much it costs!! The add-ons for various languages in this app are extra. I say it's worth it for me. I've studied many languages and frequently mix them up. (Imagine French and Spanish in the same sentence. Imagine how many polite, yet confused looks I've gotten in Europe already.)

String - Augmented Reality Showcase - I recommend this to everyone who wants to be totally amazed and get a sense of what augmented reality can do. If I tried to explain it here you may think I am mad - it's that incredible. Think holograms that you can manipulate on your iPhone and computer. Nuff said. Please try it.

This is all the tip of the iceberg. I'll continue my app rant in future blogs. Again, please feel free to share any info you may have.